Is love blind? These dating apps don’t allow pictures to help you find love

Cropped image of a young woman typing message on smartphone and drinking cup of coffee in cafe
Cropped image of a young woman typing message on smartphone and drinking cup of coffee in cafe(Vadym Drobot | Storyblocks)
Published: Nov. 15, 2019 at 11:35 AM EST
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(WIS) - They say love is blind, right? Well, would you want to meet your next romantic partner without knowing what they look like?

Dating apps are full of pros and cons, but two apps in particular are trying to help you find love without any pictures whatsoever. That’s right -- personality only!

The new app Appetence does not allow users to see other’s profile pictures. They have to match and message before any pictures can be exchanged or seen. The app uses an algorithm to match users based on preferences like music, movies and food.

When a match is made, users can begin chatting without any sort of pictures to get in the way of a connection. Once you share 50 conversations with your match that are “liked,” only then will you be able to see the other person’s profile picture. However, the other person also has to have 50 likes for them to see yours.

Another app along the same lines is Taffy. The app brands itself as a dating and friendship app that says getting to know someone through conversation can sometimes be better than just basing things on how they look.

The app shows a very blurred picture of your potential matches with a one-liner of their choice to hook you into a conversation. You can then browse posts from others depending on your interests, location, age, etc... As your conversations grow and chats continue, the picture then begins to unblur and eventually you have a full photo.

According to the tech website Mashable, the creator of the Taffy app, John Schenk, says “it takes about 10 messages back and forth before your image is fully revealed...but that the app’s algorithm will eventually take the quality of conversation into account when deciding how fast to reveal your match.”

So -- are you willing to take the risk? You never know who you might meet without the pressure of photos!

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