Lugoff-Elgin vs. Camden isn't just about football

ELGIN, SC (WIS) - Football season begins Friday night for high schools around the state and the anticipation is always high for the game between Lugoff-Elgin High School and Camden High School.

The annual rivalry is Friday at 7:30 p.m.

"Every year, I'm telling you, it's probably the craziest game of the year," said Camden senior Austen Haney.

On top of bragging rights, the two schools are also duking it out for charity. For one week out of the year, the two schools come together for a good cause.

"We're raising money for a local charity, and it's kind of difficult this year because it's the first week," said Lugoff-Elgin senior Zane Nayfeh "Hopefully we're going to beat our rivals and also raise a lot of money for the community."

The two schools battle it out to see who can raise the most money for the United Way.

"The students are just going crazy, but I know in the community we want, we really want to win," said Camden senior Zach Boykin. "Camden really wants to win the fundraising event and the football game."

"We're really trying to get everyone together to come out," said Lugoff-Elgin senior Katie Kelly. "Especially being a senior I really want everyone to come out because, I mean, it is my last year and I really want to win, so I mean I feel like we're all getting pretty pumped up about it."

Even though the two schools are separated by the football field, last year the two schools combined raised $38,000. And both schools are hoping to raise more this year.

The effort is actually is one of the top 10 donation efforts in Kershaw County, according to the United Way.

Haney added the biggest challenge this year has been communication since the football game is the first week instead of later in the school year.

"You always struggle with like, 'Will everybody show up that I want them to,' and it's hard to get everybody to even know about your event much less come," said Haney.

Keeping with tradition, the Camden High Key Club will run a football from their stadium to a bridge in between the two schools, and then Lugoff-Elgin's Country Boy's and Girl's Club will take it from there to the stadium.

At halftime, each team will stand on each end zone holding a giant piece of paper they are going to roll out. What's on the paper? The amount each school raised for United Way. The prize is a trophy called the Caring Cup. Camden High has won the last 4 out of 5 years.

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