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Father and son share graduation stage

Fredrick and James Williams. Fredrick and James Williams.

It was a special day for the Williams family as 28-year-old Fredrick Williams and his dad James earned college degrees.

Fredrick, who works at the enrollment office at the University of Phoenix, designated himself as enrollment advisor to his own father, creating his student registration number and then calling him to discuss the process, as per protocol.

Fredrick said the conversation was awkward at first "because my father sounded so professional, and I had to refer to him as Mr. Williams."

Joking or not, James decided to do just that. He was inducted into the Business honor society Delta Mu Delta.

He also became a small celebrity on the Columbia campus among his peers and campus advisors once the word spread of the

"It is not often in life that someone gets a chance to redo something, or even do something that they wanted to do," James said. "So this is a great experience for me."

James had attempted to earn his bachelor's degree in the past, but life and work always interrupted.

On Saturday, he graduated with honors.

"I'm super proud," said Fredrick, who also just completed the master's program. "This is really a milestone for both of us"

Over 300 students participated in Saturday's commencement ceremony.

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