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Police: Robbery suspect was awaiting taxi at a bank

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If you're planning to rob a credit union, a clean getaway is usually one way to make sure you may not get caught.

But West Columbia Police say one man's method of getting away following an armed robbery actually led investigators right to him.

According to police, 50-year-old Timothy Osborne robbed the Palmetto Citizens Federal Credit Union on Sunset Boulevard using a large knife.

Officials say Osborne fled the bank with an unknown amount of money, but he did not get far.

Police responded to the scene quickly, and began checking the area for their suspect. An officer managed to locate Osborne just down the road in a Congaree State Bank branch.

Investigators say Osborne was waiting on a taxi when police caught up with him. Police located the stolen cash and the suspect was taken into custody.

No one was injured.

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