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  S.C. governor, Senators Graham, Scott update public on coronavirus outbreak

As of Friday, South Carolina has 539 cases of the coronavirus and 13 people have died in the state.

  Sanitized: Cracking Down

  Major cities in the US brace for the worst

  Cuomo: Trump uninformed on ventilators

  Cuomo: Trump uninformed on ventilators

  Boeing may get billions in coronavirus stimulus aid

  US tops cases, UK PM tests positive

  British PM, health secretary test positive for coronavirus

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  British PM Johnson announces positive coronavirus test

  Trump sends governors letter on social distancing

  Trump aims to ease COVID-19 restrictions

  Columbia mayor addresses stay-at-home ordinance

Columbia City Council passed the "Stay Home Stay Safe" ordinance Thursday. It goes into effect Sunday, March 29.

  Gov. McMaster, state health officials provide COVID-19 update

South Carolina's governor maintained his stance Thursday that a statewide shelter-in-place order is not necessary at this point.

  FULL VIDEO: Columbia City Council debates, passes stay-at-home order

Columbia City Council members passed the Stay Home Stay Safe ordinance that will go into effect Sunday, March 29.

  Stimulus passes, jobless claims soar

  Pair of pups visit fish and Georgia Aquarium during pandemic

The Atlanta Humane Society took a pair of adorable pups named Caramel and Odie on a field trip to the aquarium to visit their fishy friends.

  Cuomo blasts stimulus bill as insufficient

  Nebraska State Trooper dances with daughter after COVID-19 cancels competition

The daddy-daughter dance video is racking up tens of thousands of views online.

  Coronavirus: Staff fearful to work in overloaded hospitals

  Trump chafes under social distancing protocols, source says