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  UofL Hospital COVID patient survives after being told he had 24 hours to live

Andy Smith's family said he was able to overcome the coronavirus under the care of Dr. Victor van Berkel at UofL Health-Jewish Hospital.

  Telehealth growing in popularity due to COVID-19

  Dr. Bell: ‘It may take months’ to vaccinate enough people to return to normal

As COVID-19 vaccinations began across SC, the state’s leading infectious disease expert shared encouraging words, but cautioned the public that it's not over.

  EXPLAINER: How does the COVID-19 vaccine work?

  VACCINE FAQ: Can your boss require you to get the COVID-19 vaccine?

WIS looked at the laws behind employers requiring employees to take a vaccine.

  Vice President Mike Pence in SC for roundtable on COVID-19 vaccine

Pence joined state health leaders to discuss progress on a COVID-19 vaccine and plans for distribution across the U.S.

  COVID co-infection and reinfection: Can they happen?

HealthU on WIS News 10 is sponsored by the Lexington Medical Center.

  Facts vs. Fiction: Local doctor provides insight on wearing face masks during pandemic

HealthU on WIS News 10 is sponsored by the Lexington Medical Center.

  EXCLUSIVE: SC woman’s death certificate lists COVID-19, but family says she never had it

The family turned to WIS to investigate. This is what we uncovered.

  College student who tested positive for COVID-19 urges young people to take virus seriously

Since the beginning of April, there has been a 413% increase in cases among people aged 21 to 30.

  DHEC says South Carolina is now a national hot spot for COVID-19

Several governors of other states have announced that visitors to their states from South Carolina must quarantine for 14 days.

  WIS TODAY: Lizzie Smith gives CPR demonstration