AmAir: Checked baggage fee is here to stay

NATIONAL (NBC) - Many air travelers say it's time for airlines to get rid of checked baggage fees now that oil prices have plummeted. But at least one airline says that's not going to happen.

Air travelers have never been happy about those extra fees to check your bags.

And now with the price of jet fuel plummeting, most travelers are questioning the luggage fees instituted at a time when fuel was at a record high.

A traveler says "they want us to pay more when its goes up, so we want to pay less when it goes down."

Another traveler says "I'd like to see them do away with it for sure."

Still American says it will spend $3 billion more on fuel this year than last and the fees are just one way to help offset that cost.

Tim Smith of American Airlines says "they are basically here to stay as part of unbundling."

American revealed to us the fees will remain in place. Insisting it's part of an effort to keep published fares low giving travelers a choice to pick and choose what they want to pay for.

Mr. Smith said "the bottom line for us is our fees and fares need to exceed our operating costs for us to be successful in the long term."

And even though American could lose upwards of a billion dollars this year, travelers aren't sympathetic.

A traveler says "I do think with fuel surcharges down they need to rethink their process of charging for it."

Insisting as costs decrease so should the fees to check your bags.

Posted by Logan Smith