Unemployment may be high, but jobs are out there

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Across the nation, workers are losing their jobs because of company layoffs.
In South Carolina, officials say we're fourth in the nation when it comes to unemployment.
There are jobs out there, but officials say there is surprisingly no one to fill them.

These days, Workforce OneStop is a busy place. Lots of people are looking for jobs, but aren't sure exactly who is hiring.

According to the Midland's Workforce Development Department, the unemployment rate in Columbia was 7.3 percent in September and rose to 8 percent in October.
And though unemployment continues to rise, experts say there is still hope for job seekers.

Experts say there are actually many jobs out there, you just have to know where to look. Clark Newsom with Workforce OneStop says these days job seekers need learn new trades.

"People who have been unemployed, there are opportunities for re-training in other areas," says Newsom

"Well, basically, my dynamics at home have changed, I'm kind of looking for something that's full time," says Tiffany Myers.

Myers says she already has a part time job, but feels she won't have any problems finding full time work.

"Well, the medical field, you'll always have a job, that won't be a problem," says Myers.

Experts agree with Tiffany.

"People must still go to doctors offices they still must have the treatments and the care necessary regardless of the economy," says Dr. Bill Mulkey with Midlands Tech University.

Todd Gavin with Midlands Tech says there are plenty of opportunities out there.

"There is lots of demand for health care workers there is lots of demand for industrial technologist, welders, electricians," says Gavin.

For more information, visit http://www.MidlandsTech.edu and click on 'Quick Jobs.'

Reported by Jasmin Guerrero

Posted by Logan Smith