Rudolph Darby

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Authorities have been after 39-year-old Rudolph Darby since August 1999. That's when deputies say he broke into a house near Eastover.

Two deputies nearly got him in December of '99. It was a foot chase that almost turned deadly.

Sgt. Phillippe Tessier says, "It's probably one of the most scary things that I've ever had happen in my life."

The shriek of bullets whizzing past his head is still fresh in the mind of Sgt. Tessier eight years later, "I can close my eyes right now and see his face."

Deputies say Rudolph Darby is the man responsible.

Sgt. Tessier says, "It was a Saturday morning, you know, just a quiet sunny Saturday morning."

Tessier says he and another deputy stopped a car Darby was riding in. He says Darby jumped out of the passenger seat and darted into the woods.

Tessier and the other deputy ran after him. Tessier says Darby was about half-way into the woods when he slowed down, turned-around, pulled a sliver pistol out of his waistband and fired.

"Bright flashes of light, followed by the sounds of rounds zinging past," describes Sgt. Tessier. "We weren't able to return fire."

"We knew there was an apartment complex back there and at nine...nine-thirty on a Saturday morning, that there would be kids back there."

Darby got away that morning. Eight years later, he's still on the run, and still considered armed and dangerous. "Because if you're willing to shoot at a police officer, you're willing to shoot at anybody," says Sgt. Tessier. "Getting him off the street could keep, could prevent it from happening to somebody else."

Tessier hopes you might know where Darby is, and he believes no matter how long it takes, Rudolph Darby will be caught. Sgt. Tessier says, "Eventually, it will catch up with him."

If you know where Rudolph Darby is, call 1-888-559-8477.

Reported by Jordan Sandler

Posted by Chantelle Janelle