(1-23-2008) What's your reaction to the 2008 Republican Primary?

What's your reaction to the 2008 Republican Primary?

  • CC, Leesville
    I think its ashame that the people of SC voted for McCain. He is no leader and neither is Thompson. I don't know if any of them running for office can get us out of the mess that Bush has gotten us in. From my understanding McCain wants to send more troops to Afgan well Bush as spent enough money over there it has cost us the Citizens of the U.S. money but more importantly lives of our young people. It needs to end and other countries need to fight their own battles and the President we have now and our future President needs to stop wasting Tax Payers Money. Now the United States is in Financial Turmoil and something needs to be done. Our borders need to be secure along with our Airports and other public transportation. Illegals they need to be deported. The Taxpayers should not have to support these people. When will it all end? When we really get someone in Office who understands and can relate to the Lower/Middle Income Families and not make the rich richer. The United States is now All messed up and I pray that one day it will level back out but I am not so sure if we keep voting people in Like Bush.
  • GC, Forest Acres
    I wish that McCain had not won. I also wish that the media would stop pretending that Ron Paul does not exist. I voted for Dr. Paul as he would make the best president. Vote for him while you still have the freedom to vote.
  • TM, Batesburg
    It's up to each and everyone of us to vote whether as a Democratic or Republican. To be quit honest I have never understand politics. That is until MSNBC with Joe and Mika in the mornings. Thanks to MSNBC today I learned that McCain can at times be hot headed and impulsive. Well is this going to be good for our country if he should win the White House? As a matter of fact can any of them get the United States out of the mess we are in? I am scared that I will lose my house/job etc. I have always heard of my parents talking about being a depression baby well I don't my children to be one and to be honest I am scared. But on the up note I will be glad when November gets here so we can all vote once again for a President then all the Negative ads will finally come to a end. I am sick of all the negativity and ruining of ones reputation which is completely uncalled for.
  • DB, Cayce
    While it is clear John McCain is a true patriot and a man of principle, it is somewhat surprising South Carolina Republicans would support a candidate weak on illegal immigration, and one who as president would only excerbate the problems of illegal immigration through an amnesty program.
  • DS,
    I was well pleased to see Sen. John McCain win the GOP Primary in S.C. He is one of the very few candidates running for Pres. who actually tells the truth, regardless of whether it is good or bad...he has sacrificed greatly in serving our Country. He is an honest and trustworthy man and I think this Country could once again be proud of a President who tells it like it is and does not try to sugar-coat and lie about what is going on in the USA, as well as abroad. He endured almost 6 years of hell in a Vietnamese POW Camp during a war in which nobody welcomed a soldier who was fortunate enough to return home alive. None of us can imagine what Sen. McCain went through during those long years of torture and yet he is the first to say he would do it all over again for the sake of his Country...I would be proud and honored for him to serve as my President!
  • JV, Columbia
    Predictable, to say the least. Particularly, Columbia and Charleston areas due to military prescence with bases. Huckabee, no surprise either, signs all over the place and plenty of coverage from media as he campaigned in state. Of course, the religious aspect didn't hurt either. My guy, Guilani, decided not to bother with SC and has been hunkering down in Florida, counting on a bigger take of delegates. Makes sense to me!
  • TW, Irmo
    Disapointed but not suprised. People have such a short memory and McCain has 30 years of public record that should have steered any Republican away from him. If he or Hukabee win, we will just get a Democrat with a Republican label. Then just watch how much damage they can do to this country domestically in 4 years. Ever wonder why the media like these two so much when the spent the last 8 years trying to destroy anything Republican? Well, you get what you vote for.
  • BM, Columbia
    If you want to be completely honest about this, it didn't really matter who won the Republican primary. Although John McCain had the best chance of beating the Democrat in a general election, the country as a whole is tired of Republican politics, and the eventual democratic nominee will win the White House.
  • BH,
    A good man, but needs to be tougher on illegal immigration.
  • RH, Columbia
    This is a sad day. McCain is not a leader as evidenced by his recent push for the amnesty bill that he, Lindsey Graham, Hillary Clinton, Edward Kennedy teamed up to push down our throats. To tell us that there are too many illegals here to do anything about is not leadership! If this is the best we have to run for President, we are in deep trouble! Fred Thompson was the best choice, but as usual, South Carolina folks dont have a clue!
  • DT, West Columbia
    This is only one more result in a 50 state process. Let's not make too much of it.
  • EP, lyndme
    It is a shame that a politician who wants to give amnesty to illegal immigrants won the GOP primary in this state. That is the one reason why I did not vote for him.
  • GQ, Columbia
    Hopefully McCain will get the Republican nomination and will be able beat Obama or Clinton in Nov 08!!