Family plans to sue Columbiana Centre

RICHLAND COUNTY, SC (WIS) - They are some of the pages in the darkest chapter of Darrell Bell's life.

"I had to repeat over 500 times about my brother being murdered," he said.

It's a petition Bell brought to court, signed people wanting to see Brian Leagones go back to jail. But how one of the suspects in his brother's murder a month ago could get out on bond isn't his only concern.

He's now questioning the place where the shootings happened.

"Maybe the mall should change some of their security policies," says Darrell Bell. "If there was better security at the mall, Michael Young would not be allowed on the premises."

Police say Bell was killed by his daughter's estranged husband Michael Young while trying to protect his daughter Shaunna, who worked at the Columbiana Centre.

Prior to the shootings, Young had been arrested for threatening Shaunna Bell at work before.

Now the family's lawyers said they will sue Columbiana Centre for its lack of security. Robert Rikard says, "This young man Michael Young should not have been there. There was, security knew he should not have been there, had his picture, he had been banned. And still for some reason he was allowed to have a very long conversation in that parking lot that ended in shooting and murder."

A spokeswoman for the mall says that their thoughts and prayers remain with the family during this time and that they cannot comment on a law suit because they haven't seen one.

The family's lawyers say they are questioning witnesses now and will file the law suit soon on behalf of the Bell family.

Reported by Angie Goff

Posted by Chantelle Janelle