Seltzer or Soda Waters: How healthy are they?

Published: Jun. 14, 2007 at 4:00 PM EDT
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by CD Harris

In recent years, America has seen the rise of the soda, with millions of gallons of soda consumed in the country each year. Many people drink multiple sodas each day and drink away hundreds of calories in the sodas alone.

Newer studies are showing that some sodas that are filled with sugar and empty calories may be contributing to obesity in the nation, as well as other health problems as well. Some are beginning to recognize the dangers and change over to drinking seltzer and soda waters as alternative drinks to sodas.

Although many people are switching over to seltzer water drinks and flavored soda waters instead of drinking sodas, there are some who wonder whether or not the beverage choices are actually more healthy, or just a jazzed up version of the same old problem.

Believe it or not, these new choices of seltzer water and soda waters actually are a great deal healthier than sodas. They actually are just regular water that has been carbonated and are usually just as healthy as drinking regular water, but with a bit more pizzazz and zip to them. They even top out diet sodas, since they are not filled with artificial sweeteners, which in some cases can be harmful.

If you want a drink with a bit more flavor than the plain seltzer waters, you may want to check out the flavored waters. Usually these waters are naturally flavored and do not contain sugar or artificial sweeteners and give water a whole new flavor. You can reap all the great health benefits of drinking your eight glasses of water daily, while enjoying great flavors, such as lemon, peach, strawberry, and even lime. What a great way to enjoy staying hydrated and healthy.  You will want to make sure that you take a look at the labels of these types of water to make sure that there is not a great deal of sugar or sodium added along with the tasty flavor.

Another reason that these seltzer and soda waters can be a healthy choice is because some of them are now adding minerals and vitamins to them. While just drinking plain water is great for you, these new water products can help you get some of the extra nutrients that you may not be getting every day in your diet. While some may not have a significant amount of vitamins and minerals in them, every bit definitely helps when it comes to your health. Those who have low mineral deficiencies may be great candidates for drinking this type of water as well.

While many of the seltzer water and soda water choices are excellent and healthy drinks, there are some things that you may want to watch out for. There are some of these waters that may be adding in other ingredients.

One thing you really need to watch out for is the sodium content. Some of these waters can have very high sodium contents in order to give them flavor. In this case, the seltzer or soda waters containing high sodium may actually dehydrate you instead of giving you the hydration that you need.

If you want to make seltzer water even more healthy for you, you may want to consider making your own mixtures. You can mix this carbonated water with various fruit juices to get a healthy drink, which is like a soda, to fill your "fizzy" craving. Seltzer waters also make great additives with warm versions, like apple cider as well.

Having a great tasting drink and a healthy drink no longer have to be different things. You can have a great tasting drink that is healthy for you as well, without drinking a great deal of empty calories that will add to your waistline. All in all, more Americans should probably be making the switch to these seltzer and soda waters instead of drinking so much soda. While sodas tend to dehydrate you, these tasty waters can help you stay hydrated and will have you feeling much better as well.

If you want a healthy alternative for you and even for your children, these drinks can be great choices.

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