Bill would ban alcohol inhaler

(Columbia-AP) January 30, 2007 - A Senate subcommittee has approved legislation that would ban the use of machines that turn liquor into a breathable vapor.

A Web site for Alcohol Without Liquid says it's the "ultimate party toy" that provides a "fun new legal way to enjoy alcohol" without a hangover.

The device consists of a plug-in generator, tubing and hand-held vaporizer.

Camden Senator Vincent Sheheen wants to make the device illegal. He says it's not in the public interest to make it easier and faster to get drunk.

The Senate subcommittee also passed up a bill that would toughen penalties for minors who attempt to buy, drink or possess alcohol.

Another provision would allow authorities to charge adults who knowingly allow minors to drink alcohol on their property.

Updated 9:28pm by Bryce Mursch