Stalker hides under woman's bed for two days

Published: Jun. 22, 2006 at 6:26 PM EDT|Updated: Jun. 26, 2006 at 2:49 AM EDT
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(Washington-NBC) June 22, 2006 - A stalker hid under a woman's bed for two days just for the chance to be alone with her, and that man was sentenced to spend the next 38 months in his own bed, in federal prison.

It's startling the way the stalker found his victim, and gained access to her home.

A disturbing videotape shows the convicted stalker carefully hiding his video camera on a desk in the victim's bedroom, and when he hears the woman and her boyfriend come in the apartment, he disappears under her bed.

There Carlo Castellanos-Feria remained for two days until he was discovered, by the victim's boyfriend.

US Attorney Ken Wainstein, "In a lot of ways stuff of an urban nightmare...nice to someone then you end up having that person under your bed trying to record your most private moments in your bedroom."

The nightmare started at Holy Cross Hospital, where the victim met her stalker who was working as a parking valet.

In court, the victim told the judge that the discovery of the valet in her bedroom was, in her words, a "horrible experience."

Prosecutor Keri Barta, "Her life is dramatically changed. She is fearful when she hears strange noises she doesn't know where they are coming from. Her husband, who was her boyfriend at the time of the incident, now has to be careful not to approach her from behind because it just startles her."

Moments before he was sentenced, Castellanos-Feria apologized, "I fell madly in love and that blinded my judgement. I beg your forgiveness. I need help, your honor."

Judge Herbert Dixon handed down a three-year sentence, including treatment for mental illness and sex crimes.

Court documents show the Hyattsville man had a change of clothes, condoms, a power cord and latex gloves with him under the victims bed at the time of his arrest.

US Attorney Ken Wainstein, "He got access to her keys. He then took that opportunity to get those keys copied. That's something we should all think about next time we leave our keys somewhere."

When investigators searched Carlo Castellanos-Feria's home, they found six framed photos of his victim, as well a stack of vacation photos and a wedding video with her ex-husband.

Investigators later determined the items were stolen from the ex-husband's home.

Posted 2:26pm by Bryce Mursch