Wounded woman says Detroit dispatchers didn't believe her 911 calls

(Detroit-AP) April 11, 2006 - A Detroit woman who was shot in the head and back says 911 dispatchers didn't believe her calls and treated her like a "piece of garbage."

Lawyer Geoffrey Fieger is representing a young Detroit boy who lost his mother after dispatchers dismissed the child's calls as a prank. Fieger has produced recordings he says demonstrate Robert Turner's case isn't the only one.

In the first of her calls, Lorraine Hayes calmly asks for an ambulance, gives her address and says she was shot in the head.

After a few questions, the operator asks Hayes if she's a mental patient. At one point, Hayes says, "My body is numb. I'm getting ready to die."

The operator says she doesn't believe Hayes could call if she'd really been shot in the head and tells her she'll get in trouble if she's making a false report.

Hayes is suing the city, as is the family of the boy whose calls were treated as a prank.

Posted 11:14am by Bryce Mursch