'Mount Trashmore': Man upsets neighbors with pile of garbage on sidewalk

'Mount Trashmore': Man upsets neighbors with pile of garbage on sidewalk

MEMPHIS (WATN/CNN) - A Tennessee man is in trouble with Memphis authorities and his neighbors after piling a mountain of trash on the sidewalk in front of his house.

George McQuary said he really doesn't care what anyone else thinks.

It was pretty easy to find his house.

Neighbors said the front sidewalk was packed with trash and they were right.

But McQuary said don't blame him.

He was told to get everything out of his yard by an environmental court judge.

"They told us to clean the whole (expletive) house up, outside and all," he said. "You oughta seen the backyard. It was full too."

There is no welcome mat in front of McQuary's house.

McQuary said he doesn't care what his neighbors think, the city is supposed to remove this stuff and that's what he's waiting for.

"No, it ain't OK, but I can't help it because they don't pick it up. I've got a pickup truck that don't run right there too. I'm 74-years-old. What's your (expletive) excuse?"

The people who live across from him or down the street from him feel helpless dealing with a person who makes it clear he doesn't care about what they think.

Sam Jaber just moved into his home with a wonderful view of what one could call Mount Trashmore.

Meanwhile McQuary's wife says she's upset with all these neighbors causing them trouble.

"I'm about to have a heart attack. This (expletive) is gonna end" she said.

The trash was removed from the sidewalk that same day.

But the other junk, the junk in McQuary's yard will stays in his yard until a Sept. 28, when he goes to environmental court hearing.

"Well, you want to pick it up? (Expletive) shovel and pick it up," she said.

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