Baby bitten and scratched after being left with 'well-known biter' at daycare

Baby bitten at daycare

SHERWOOD, AR (KARK/CNN) - A 5-month-old boy recently left an Arkansas daycare covered in bites from other kids.

His mom, Shayna Hula, said there are no cameras inside the daycare, so she still has a lot of questions about what happened.

"You can kind of see where it was bit," even a week later, Hula said.

A picture from a week prior clearly shows the boy, named Wyatt, with several bites on his forehead, neck and wrist along with scratch marks.

"He's five months and defenseless," Hula said.

She said the daycare called her saying her son was involved in a biting incident.

"I was mad at first but I pushed it aside because they made it sound like it was no big deal," she said.

But when she saw the child, she said she "immediately started crying."

"I was like, 'Look at his face! Why was I not told how horrible it was?'"

She called police later that day.

According to the report, Wyatt's teacher admitted fault, saying older children bit him after she put him down for tummy time.

"The kid that was in there wasn't supposed to be in there," Hula said. "He was a well-known biter."

Wyatt and his older sister went to the daycare, Sylvan Hills Learning Center, for about a month.

Hula took them out that day.

"I think it's affected me more than it has him," she said. "To know that he was sitting there crying, and going through all that pain, and somebody obviously let it happen."

She said one week later, the bites have nearly healed.

But some may leave behind a permanent mark.

"That one right there is going to scar for sure," she said of one.

Hula also filed a report with the Department of Human Services.

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