My Take: SC roads are so dangerous in 2018

My Take: SC roads are so dangerous in 2018

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - For just a moment, I want you to envision a room of 667 people.

That's a good visual representation of how many lives we've lost so far this year on our roads. Mind you – it's only September - we're well on pace to 1,000 deaths.

Earlier this week – we finished up what's known as the "100 deadly days of summer." It's the most dangerous 100 days of the year to drive. The numbers are both frustrating and sobering.

Two hundred and twenty-six people died. Twenty-five more lives than the year before. They could've been your neighbors, your friends, your family - moms, dads, husbands, wives, brothers, and sisters.

Earlier this week we reported on two people killed in a head-on collision in Northeast Columbia.  The two people were both employees of Dunkin' Donuts on Clemson Road and I-20.

They were driving to work early Sunday morning when authorities say they encountered a vehicle driving in the wrong lane who hit them head-on.

We profiled Nicholas Kicklighter and Jennalee Hodge on our newscasts this week. The heartbreaking story of their untimely deaths is becoming an almost daily occurrence in our newscasts.

The investigation into the crash is ongoing. That it happened in the first place is the most disturbing of trends in our state.  Common among most of these incidents, as we have reported, is distracted driving.

Until a tougher law with much more serious consequences to the offenders is passed by our lawmakers, we will as a society, accept that driving while looking at your phone is OK.

But we all know it is not!

And we all must take responsibility for the privilege of operating a motor vehicle - because that is what is required of us when we sit in that driver's seat-driving without any distractions because our state is now one of the most unsafe driving states in the nation.

We need some action from our lawmakers now before one more life is snuffed out.

And that's My Take, What's Yours?

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