Passport issues: Texas veteran born at home faces citizenship scrutiny

Passport issues: State Dept. questions citizenship of Texas man born at home

AUSTIN, TX (KXAN/CNN) - One man said he's having to jump through hoops to prove that he is a U.S. citizen, even though he was born in Texas, went to school there and has been working there for decades.

This all began when Daniel Jimenez applied for a passport.

"Yeah, I think it's getting a little bit more nerve-wracking the closer we get," he said.

In about six weeks, Daniel and Teresa Jimenez are supposed to go on a cruise to Canada.

"It's been a while since we took an actual vacation. I couldn't even tell you when that was," Daniel Jimenez said.

In June, Teresa Jimenez submitted paperwork to renew her passport and for Daniel Jimenez to get a new passport.

"I was checking the website every day to check on status, and it just kept saying, 'processing, processing,'" Teresa Jimenez said.

More than two months later, the State Department sent them a letter saying it cannot accept Daniel Jimenez's birth certificate.

He was born at home, and there was a delay in filing his birth certificate.

"I mean, my husband has been here all his life. He's a third generation Mexican-American," Teresa Jimenez said.

After expressing their frustrations online, dozens replied, saying they're also facing similar problems..

"Grew up, got a social security card, I went to the military, jobs, paid taxes like everybody else. I had no question as to what I was as far as an American," Daniel Jimenez said.

They sent a wide variety of papers to verify it, including Daniel Jimenez's baptism certificate, elementary school records, a birth affidavit, his father's work records, his sister's birth certificate, his Army records, but still, there's no answer yet from the State Department.

"We're just crossing our fingers," Teresa Jimenez said.

The family said Rep. Bill Flores' office is helping them.

In a statement, Sen. Ted Cruz said he will monitor this situation.

He said if U.S. citizens are indeed being denied their passports, that needs to stop. He added that the practice of ensuring citizenship is valid has been in place for many years.

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