Family for Life: These two sisters are looking for their forever together

Family for Life: These two sisters are looking for their forever together

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - In tonight's family for life, we're introducing you to two sisters Vantashia and Ashanti.

They have 6 other siblings but because of the way life has played out. It's just the two of them in foster care now.

They haven't really allowed themselves to think about what it would be to have a family of their own. All they know for sure is that they need each other.

When you first meet them, you might think Vantashia and Ashanti are incredibly shy and you'd be absolutely wrong.

13-year-old Vantashia adores her big sister. "Very caring", she said. "She's a person that takes care of you"

And 16 year old Ashanti loves her back. "She likes to read and paint, ummm, she likes to play soccer &swim, said Ashanti."

Surprisingly, no wish list from the girls about what they want in a family their one and the only requirement is to stay together. Why is that so important?

"Here, let me answer, I guess it's just important because mostly, our siblings that have been adopted have always stuck together so we're just gonna stick together and keep it going", said Vantashia.

I heard the girls love to sing but they aren't feeling that just yet. Our squad on standby Joe Jackson who owns Lab180 Studios, Kimberly Sumter an amazing vocal coach, and makeup artist Sierra Folder is bringing the glam.

While they get the rock star treatment we learn Vantashia's favorite color is pink, her favorite food is chicken nuggets and she explains why painting keeps her in her Zen place.

"Doesn't matter what I do, I just took a paint question put some paint on it just put it on some papers and there you go it's called art", Vantashia said.

As Ashanti moves into the spotlight, I ask "So what should a family know about the two of you? She responded. "we love to laugh I guess and we like to be outside."

We learn she wants to be a cosmetologist and she opens up about they have to stay together."cause you keep a little bit of your actual family close by ... I guess somewhat", Ashanti said.

As Kimberly coaches them on singing, Vantashia said, "Just not being afraid of what anybody thinks, you're you. You may not know who you will reach, who looks up to you and who you'll inspire".

The girls also get lessons that apply to life.

No surprise Vantashia is ready to take her shot . "look out because here I come and I'm marching on to the beat of the drum", she said. "I'm not scared to be seen. I make no apology, this is me. Come on Shanti, sing with me"

No doubt, with a little time, love and support Ashanti will chime in.

If your family has room in your home and heart to welcome these sisters, you can speak with an adoption specialist to learn more by calling 1-888-828-3555. And if you'd like to take a look at the SC Heat Gallery to learn more about the other children hoping to be adopted, just look for the link on the "Family for Life" page on ( and

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