Sen. Graham remembers late Sen. John McCain during 'TODAY Show' appearance

Senator Lindsey Graham appears on Today show to discuss Senator McCain's death

NEW YORK (WIS) - South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham appeared on TODAY Tuesday morning.

The two men served in the U.S. Senate together for more than 15 years and were also close personal friends. He discussed his long-time friend, Senator John McCain. Sen. Graham recalled the last words he heard from his friend.

After announcing he was no longer going to accept cancer treatment, the 81-year-old war hero died on Saturday.

"He had a romantic view of our nation to his last breath. And literally, almost the last thing he said to me was, 'I love you, I have not been cheated.' He was not cheated."

In an emotional interview with Savannah Guthrie and Craig Melvin, Senator Graham also discussed the controversy of how President Donald Trump has reacted to McCain's death.

"Well, I think Mark had it right yesterday when he was talking about - let's talk about John," Graham said. "It's all over now. The flag is down. When the president mentioned John he got applause. I hope he'll remember how people feel about John. John Kelly the Chief of Staff has been terrific. He's reached out to Cindy, the entire family - John has seven children and a bunch of grandchildren - and says, 'What can I do to help?' And the president told General Kelly whatever they need they get. So let's look forward. Clearly, they had a tenuous (sic) relationship but he's not the only one to have a tense relationship with John McCain."

MORESC politicians remember, pay respects to Sen. John McCain

On Wednesday, Senator McCain will lie in state at the Arizona state capitol, followed by a service at North Phoenix Baptist church where McCain's former colleague and friend Joe Biden will deliver a eulogy.

"The bottom line is John has shown that it's not about you. 'Country First' means that even if it's inconvenient for you, and it makes you uncomfortable, you do it anyway. 'Country First' hurts, but it's the right way to go," Graham said.

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