VIDEO: Adorable Goldendoodle smiles on command

Adorable Goldendoogle smiles on command

(RNN) – Biggie the Goldendoodle is a happy boy.

All the Ginsburg family of Overland Park, KS, has to do is point, say the magic word and Biggie smiles.

"My daughter pointed at him one time and he smiled," Lisa Ginsburg said. "We added the 'cheese' and he eventually just learned how to smile when we said 'cheese!'"

Despite his mastery of the smile, Biggie appears to be basically a one-trick pup. He doesn't do too many others.

"Not really outside of the basics, but he is very obedient, and people often tell us he seems more human than dog. We call him our human-dog!" Ginsburg said. "When you look at him, he just has this little man look about him!"

Thanks for the smile, little man.

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