Sentencing delayed for fatal DUI suspect in Lexington County

Sentencing delayed for Catherine Crumley
Catherine Crumley (Source: Lexington County Detention Center)
Catherine Crumley (Source: Lexington County Detention Center)

(WIS) - Larry Williams, 65, was killed while riding his motorcycle last year on Easter Sunday.

It was also just one day after celebrating his 46th wedding anniversary. The woman behind the wheel of the vehicle that hit him pleaded guilty to felony DUI charges Wednesday morning, but those in court waiting to find out Catherine Crumley's sentence will have to wait a while longer.

Investigators say Crumley was under the influence of several prescribed medications the night of the accident including opioids and sedatives, but the judge decided to hold off sentencing, despite emotional pleas from the family members at Wednesday's hearing.

Debbie Williams is Larry's wife. She is visibly shaken and crying while reading her statement. She says, "There is not a single 24-hour day that tears do not flow."

The couple met when they were just teenagers.

"We went to church together, school together, and we became sweethearts at the age of 12 and 15."

They got married four years later.

Debbie says her husband was a wonderful example to everyone. She describes him as, "caring and generous, always giving of his money, time and talent. Not to mention, he brought me coffee every morning to bed,"

But just one day after celebrating their 46th wedding anniversary, Larry was killed last year on Easter Sunday in an accident on Old Barnwell Road near Collumwood Circle in Lexington County.

"We were finally in a good, stable place in our lives to relax. We were finally going to enjoy the best years, at least 20 more, of our lives," says Debbie.

SC Highway Patrol troopers say on April 16, 2017, Larry was on his way home from church when another car lost control and struck Larry's motorcycle head-on.

Catherine Crumley was the driver. Wednesday morning she pleaded guilty to felony DUI which resulted in death.

During the hearing, Debbie cried out that her husband had no chance that night.

"He had no voice when I saw the pictures and tapes of his mangled body where almost every bone in his body was out-of-socket, broken, or both."

Another victim from that night who's truck was sideswiped in the accident did not speak in court, but Kimberly Cockrell with Mothers Against Drunk Driving read his statement aloud.

"We flew across the road, approximately 40 yards and landed in a ditch. I looked over and he was lying there dead, face-up in a ditch. His leg was broken in half and he was knocked out of his shoes. I just kept thinking she killed him on Easter."

Crumley had this to say, "I am truly sorry that this tragedy happened. There is not a day that when I wake up and when I go to sleep, that I don't think about what happened. I am truly sorry for what has happened."

Unmoved by what Debbie described as Crumley's lack of remorse, the widow said this was no accident.

"This was a choice made to abuse drugs and drive; therefore, it was a choice to risk injuring and killing, both of which she accomplished."

Investigators say Crumley had multiple prescription pills in her system at the time, but that no alcohol was involved. She'll be sentenced at a later date. The judge asked for more time to review some of the evidence, including: Crumley's toxicology report, her prescription medications, as well as some of the victim statements, read aloud in court.

Crumley was taken into custody immediately after Wednesday's hearing. She faces up to 25 years in prison and a more than $25,000 fine.

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