Family for Life: Meet Baptiste

Family for Life: Baptiste

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - After being in and out of foster care for 11 years, 16-year-old Baptiste is almost afraid to get his hopes up.

Baptiste, who is very independent, needs a family that will give him a little grace and a little space. He's looking for someone he can really trust.

"It would mean a lot," Baptiste said. "Because I could have that one person that I could tell anything to and they won't tell anybody else."

Like many teenage boys, Baptiste dreams of one day playing in the National Football League. He's been encouraged by former South Carolina Gamecocks quarterback Perry Orth to work hard for his dreams.

Orth reminds Baptiste that everyone faces challenges, but how you respond makes all the difference.

"That's really when you kind of find out who you are," Orth told Baptiste. "It's when things aren't going your way is when you're really tested and that's what I would tell you is good friends and find a relationship with God. That's the things that helped me."

Don't let his laid-back demeanor fool you. Baptiste is listening to every word.

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