City halts bike lane projects after residents voice concerns

City halts bike lane projects after residents voice concerns

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - After hearing the concerns from nearby residents, officials are now closing bike lanes along Farrow Road.

The City of Columbia is now putting traffic control safety measures in place along Farrow Road. Officials have also placed a hold on the Farrow Road Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvement Project.

"We have heard the concerns expressed by citizens in the community and we are moving expeditiously to put next steps in place and thoroughly evaluate the situation," said City Manager Teresa Wilson. "Options regarding the next steps in this process are being discussed and any decisions regarding this matter will be shared with the residents in the surrounding communities."

The bike lanes, which run in both directions on Farrow Road from Columbia College Drive to East Campanella Drive, will be closed until further notice.

The South Carolina Department of Transportation has been asked to close bike lanes until a final decision is made regarding the project.

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