Family For Life: This inspiring chef is looking a family to help cook dinner with

Family For Life: This inspiring chef is looking a family to help cook dinner with

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - There are some things we should never give up on.

For 16-year-old Christopher, it's finding his Family for Life. After spending seven years in foster care, what's he hoping for? Someone to love him as he is and help him become the young man he was made to be.

Christopher is a young man of many talents and his talents were on display during his a one-on-one cooking lesson with EdVenture's Chef Kenny. The session took him back to some of his best memories as a little boy in his grandma's kitchen.

"We did homemade biscuits but I ain't telling you one thing she put in it, that's locked in my mind," Christopher said.

He misses those days but what he wants more than anything now is to start making new memories. He says adoption is in his heart for one specific reason.

"I still have a chance to get the loving that I never really received," Christopher said.

If someone gives him that chance, they'll learn along with cooking Chris loves music. In fact, he's working part-time after school to save money to buy his own violin.

"The finger movement, the sound that comes out of it, I remember the first time I played, I was like what do? What do I do? Within a month, I knew where all the keys were at on that thing," he said.

Christopher also surprised us when I asked about his view of the perfect parents.

"Funny, smart, wise, strict," he said. "It's just a...that you can get from a father or mother that keeps you on the right path."

He wants that and a promise.

"That we stay together, don't separate, that you can rely on one another for help," Chris said.

It doesn't take long to see Chris is excited to share his dreams including plans to one day open his own restaurant.

If you have a heartfelt calling to adopt and would like to find out more about Christopher or other children waiting to find their Family for Life, call 1-888-828-3555 to speak with an adoption specialist.

Through DSS, it's absolutely free, and they have resources to help every step along the way.

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