Mayor Benjamin hosts third annual Father's Day cookout

Mayor Benjamin hosts third annual Father's Day cookout
Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin hosts the third annual Father's Day cookout celebrating dads and their crucial role in the nuclear family.

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin continues his tradition of celebrating dads with his annual Father's Day cookout.

This is the third year the mayor has hosted this free event that is open to the public and dozens of families stopped by Hyatt Park for food, fun, and music.

The mayor says Father's Day is about celebrating an important figure in our families who doesn't always get fair recognition.

"It's just a chance to bring a community together, recognizing the strength of the nuclear family and the role that good fathers play in making that family strong and vibrant," Benjamin said. "I grew up with a wonderful father. God couldn't have blessed me with a better man in my life and recognizing that if it's dad, or uncle, or godfather, grandfather - taking an opportunity to celebrate that man and the role that he plays in our lives is something that can't be overlooked."

Mayor Benjamin says he plans to continue this tradition and hopes it grows even bigger.

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