Latest polling shows Warren catching up with SC governor front-runners

Latest polling shows Warren catching up with SC governor front-runners
The 5 Republicans running for governor in South Carolina.

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Tuesday marks one week until primary elections and in the race for South Carolina governor, a new poll shows there is a significant shift in support.

Republican gubernatorial candidate John Warren appears to be gaining ground in the latest polling from the Michigan-based group Target Insyght. The polling shows he is competing with second-place candidate Catherine Templeton. The polls show Templeton in second place with 25 percent and Warren in third place at 20 percent.

The polling comes just before Templeton released a new attack ad against Warren. The ads make a series of claims against Warren, stating he wasn't "100 percent pro-life" and "told the liberal media he was open to stronger gun control laws." Warren denies those claims.

"Ultimately, the attacks are because I'm climbing in the polls and other people's campaigns are collapsing," Warren said.

The Target Insyght polling shows current Governor Henry McMaster in the lead with 37 percent.

The same poll found that 50 percent Democrats still haven't made up their minds on who to vote for next Tuesday, out of three candidates.

Straw polling across A Lexington straw poll also shows a run-off between McMaster and Warren, and a straw poll in Horry County showed Warren winning the GOP race, currently filled by Warren, Templeton, McMaster, Lt. Governor Kevin Bryant and former Lt. Governor Yancey McGill.

The Target Insyght polling was taken from May 29-May 31 and was a sample of 400 likely primary voters. There is a margin of error of +/- five percent. Here's how the polling breaks down:

  • 100 percent of those polled were registered voters in South Carolina.
  • 60 percent of those polled say they vote in June primary elections
  • 100 percent of those polled were Republicans
  • 11 percent of those polled were undecided on who they were voting for - QUESTION: If the Republican primary election for Governor were held today, which of the following candidates would you vote for on election day?
    • Kevin Bryant - 5 percent 
    • Yancey McGill - 3 percent 
    •  Henry McMaster - 37 percent
    •  Catherine Templeton - 25 percent
    •  John Warren - 20 percent
    •  Undecided/Unsure - 11 percent
  • 46 percent of those polled were over the age of 65 years old
  • 86 percent of those polled were white
  • Of those polled, 51 percent were men and 49 percent are women

The primary election is Tuesday, June 12 and the date for runoff elections is June 26. See the full Target Insyght polling here:

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