'Speed for need' helps women with cancer finish 5k

'Speed for need' helps women with cancer finish 5k

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - It's not every day that you see men pushing women in wheelchairs during a 5k race, but that's exactly what you saw on Saturday when the men of F3 pushed three ladies who are currently fighting or are in remission for cancer.

It is part of the organization Speed for Need, which allows those who cannot participate in athletic races feel included and complete a race.

"The mantra is we're going to let them complete their race," Troy Fite, a member of F3 said.

Three women were pushed in the 5k Get In The Pink Race. Two are battling cancer, and one is in remission.

The men of F3 took turns pushing them.

"I pushed her all the way through even though I felt like I was getting tired," Archie Fulmore, who helped push one of the women said. His motivation? Having her finish the race too.

Sandra Selman, 78, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003 on the same day her granddaughter was born.

With a little faith and a spirit for fighting, Sandra is in remission.

"15 years is that not amazing? I feel wonderful. I just thank the lord every day that I can get up and go and try and help others," Selman said.

The Get in the Pink race, which helps benefit breast cancer study and treatment, raised almost $20,000. It began 10 years ago.

"Usually what happens is, unfortunately, every year somebody gets a new diagnosis and a team comes out and runs for that person," Jackie Howie, the founder of the race, said. "This allows the opportunity for the person that this race benefits to participate. It's moving. It lets people see that you are not alone and that we're going to fight this battle with you."

If you'd like to donate for a future race, you can head over to Speed For Need's website.

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