"Voices from Vietnam" locally produced documentary airs next week

Updated: May. 11, 2018 at 7:18 PM EDT
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COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Voices from Vietnam: Reflecting at the Wall is a documentary full of stories that come directly from our veterans about their time in Vietnam, and it's being shown next week at Richland Library St. Andrews.

The film was produced by local film company, Modos Media, but the producer is originally from the United Kingdom.

He says he's always wanted to know more about the Vietnam War because although he's around the same age as many who served, he says living in Britain, the Vietnam War was far from his reality.

"At the time of the Vietnam War, I was living in another country far away on the other side of the ocean. Vietnam War is something that I would see on TV, on the newsreel," says documentarian, Raymond Smith.

Smith says he wants to know what it was like.

"I was at that age, had I been born here, that I would have probably been involved and that was in the back of my mind. So, what was it like? So, we decided that we would make a film that would listen to voices of those people that were at the were, not historians."

He produced the film "Voices from Vietnam: Reflecting at the Wall," the stories of Vietnam War veterans - told by veterans during their trip to the traveling Wall that Heals Exhibit in Blythewood, back in 2016.

"I think for everyone to understand what it's actually like to go to war. I've never been to war," says Smith.

Timothy Klie is a Vietnam War veteran.  He says, "We patrolled, looking for contact with the Viet Cong or the North Vietnamese Army.

Klie went to Vietnam in 1968 after joining the Marine Corps. He was there for 13 months.

"Mostly walking around with an M-16 looking for the bad guys."

Looking back, he says he was there to do a job.

"They came home and they didn't get any respect for doing their job and that caused tremendous angst, even suffering on some vets………"

Even today, Klie says he's not so sure how much attitudes have changed.

"Vets are accepted but they're not understood. You still have post-traumatic stress disorders. You still have walking wounded, homeless. We don't really address those issues. We kind of pat them on the back and say nice job."

The film, "Voices from Vietnam: Reflecting at the Wall" will be shown at Richland Library St. Andrews, Wednesday, May 16 at 6:30 p.m.

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