Dashcam video shows police chase that ended with bizarre twist

Dashcam video shows police chase that ended with bizarre twist

SPRINGDALE, SC (WIS) - A Batesburg man is facing a long list of charges after a Sunday morning crime spree.

It started during a traffic stop on Airport Boulevard. Springdale Police say dashcam video shows the driver of a Chevrolet Tahoe come dangerously close to officers multiple times. After the third pass, they pursued the driver into a nearby parking lot, where it looked like the chase was going to end, but it didn't.

When the officer caught up to the driver, near the airport, he saw two people forced out of the car. Police say they later found out that both were victims who were carjacked at knifepoint by the driver. An incident report says Speaks, prior to the chase, entered the victim's room at a nearby hotel, grabbed a pocket knife, and forced them into their own vehicle.

Minutes after the victims were released from the car, the chase continued down Augusta Road toward I-26, then onto I-26 toward I-20, and onto I-20. Then, dashcam video shows the driver turn onto Broad River Road, his speed considerably slower, and finally stop at its intersection with Bush River Road.

There, as the driver surrenders, the dashcam video ends, but officers say the incident with the suspect, Speaks, was not over.

On the way to jail, handcuffed in the back of a patrol car, he kicked out a window and jumped onto I-26 while the vehicle was moving, according to Springdale Police. When a Cayce officer came to help recapture Speaks, Springdale says he kicked out the window of a Cayce patrol car too.

"People get to where they realize their fate of going to jail and really don't want to go to jail, and they end up doing whatever's necessary not to go to jail," Springdale Sergeant Andrew Richbourg said.

With Speaks now finally locked up and facing a long list of charges and a considerable bond, an anonymous Springdale neighbor says the whole ordeal could have ended with a much different outcome.

"The policeman could have been hurt. Anybody could have been hurt crossing the street," she said.

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