SOUND OFF: Vision tests for more SC drivers?

SOUND OFF: Vision tests for more SC drivers?
SCHP warns drivers to be safe traveling this summer.

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - A bill, awaiting Governor Henry McMaster's signature to make it a law could mean before you head back out onto South Carolina roads, you'll need an eye exam before you renew your license.

H. 4672 has yet to become law, but it could put more people in a doctor's office. First-time drivers already must have the exam to be licensed - and it applies to people renewing, too.

SC DMV Director Kevin Shewdo says it could bring more people through these doors.

"It will bring more people through the doors physically because people cannot afford to or can't go to an optometrist," Shwedo said. "That said, you don't find too many people that are running around in a blur that can correct it themselves."

But there will be a way to submit doctor's proof of exam online. But not all are convinced better vision will make roads safer. There are 11 other states that don't have eye exams.

"Safety is always going to be the most important thing that we look at, and we said is there any difference at all to collision rates that you're all aware of created by the absence of an eye exam? And the answer came 'no,'" Shwedo said.

Shwedo says people should go ahead and get their licenses converted to REAL IDs now that is, the ID's that allow you to board domestic flights, and get onto federal military property because come Oct. 1, 2020, the deadline - the eye exam requirement is likely to begin and that could slow things.

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