Vietnam veteran says caregiver attacked him with his own machete

Vietnam veteran says caregiver attacked him with his own machete
Updated: May. 2, 2018 at 8:26 PM EDT
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ORANGEBURG COUNTY, SC (WIS) - Wednesday afternoon, with his service dog, Chance, by his side, 61-year-old Guy Guyton – a Vietnam War veteran – sipped a Pepsi while enjoying the quiet rural living that his home near Salley provides.

"Chance, are you waiting for me to come back out, or are you waiting on me to turn back on the air conditioner?" he said with a smile.

But Guyton's peace and quiet was spoiled on a night back in March. Guyton said he was not feeling well – and was relaxing in front of the TV on a Friday night – when his door was nearly kicked in.

"You can really tell it over here where the frame has come out," he said, as he gestured to the dented door.

That night, when he opened the door, he said he saw two sisters:  25-year-old Ebony Daniels and 23-year-old Briana Daniels, his caretaker.

"First of all, I didn't expect nobody at my house," Guyton said. "Second of all, I didn't expect for these females to come at me like that with, I guess, larceny in their heart."

Guyton said they forcefully shoved him out of the way to get his car keys – and started rummaging through his car to find some lost paperwork – without Guyton's permission. Additionally, Guyton said he was upset at them for breaking his car radio when they had borrowed it previously.

Nevertheless, Guyton said they continued to disrespect him. When the veteran grabbed a machete to shoo them away, according to Guyton and an incident report, the younger sister twisted his wrist, grabbed the machete, and sliced Guyton's arm.

"Had it struck my bone, I probably would have lost my arm," he said while pointing out his scarred wound. "But it didn't hit bone. It went all the way to the bone, but it didn't hit the bone."

That night, as Guyton gushed blood, he said the sisters got away as a deputy with the Orangeburg County Sheriff's Office arrived. Guyton is glad it happened that way because he was the priority.

"When the officer came, she noticed it right away. She talked me down because I was really running on pure adrenaline at the time. She was the one that saw I was bleeding like a madman. She took action to stop the bleeding and to rush the ambulance," he said.

Now, after being captured in Augusta in April, both sisters are back in Orangeburg County. The sheriff's office extradited them to the Orangeburg County Detention Center on Monday. Both are facing serious charges and large bonds.

"These young folks out here – they're not about anything," Guyton said.

As his wound heals, the Vietnam vet is still confused.

"What is the world coming to? I mean, this is crazy. It's the last thing I ever thought, you know, would happen to me or anybody that I knew. Alright. But, it was just sick," he said.

Meanwhile, one of the suspects' spouses said they'll fight what he called trumped-up charges. Guyton, however, believes both deserve hard time.

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