Talk of the Town: Final Victory Animal Rescue

Talk of the Town: Final Victory Animal Rescue
Updated: May. 2, 2018 at 1:20 PM EDT
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COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - If you love animals and want to do something to help the countless dogs and cats that are homeless and in need, there's a twist on the usual animal shelter and fostering.

Katy Cowan is the founder and director of Final Victory Animal Rescue. It's a newly-registered nonprofit in Columbia. The business is an original twist on an animal shelter offering fostering, volunteering opportunities.

Final Victory Animal Rescue and Rescue Services were founded in May 2017 to serve a need in the animal rescue community.

"There is always an urgency to rescue dogs out of the municipal shelters due to overpopulation and the threat of euthanasia," Cowan explained. "In South Carolina, so many deserving abandoned, abused and disenfranchised animals are in the shelters seeking redemption and the chance at a new life."

Final Victory facilitates the rescue of these dogs by acting as a liaison for rescues in the northeast part of our country and beyond that want to help the shelter dogs in the south and have a constant flow of adopters eagerly wanting to give these dogs a forever home.

"We act as their ears and eyes on the ground here where the dogs are in need and can provide immediate assistance to rescue the dogs," says Cowan.

"Final Victory provides a boarding situation tailored just to shelter dogs where we give them the most positive experience after a traumatic time in the shelter. Large 5'x10' kennels, long walk by volunteers in beautiful quiet neighborhoods and along riverside trails plus several hours of play time out of their kennels each day serve as a positive first step towards their forever homes," Cowan said.

Quarantine rooms and whelping rooms are also available for mamas with pups and dogs that might be ill, injured or elderly. FVAR works with several excellent area vets for very affordable veterinary services required before transport to their rescues/adopters.

"Sometimes rescue dogs just need a safe and loving place to land for a bit to decompress before heading to their Final Victory," Cowan said. "Watching a dog become happy and healthy while in our care is the ultimate in rewarding."

Final Victory has aided in the rescue of more than 300 dogs so far.  The organization is now offering local adoptions, as well. Final Victory is looking for enthusiastic volunteers as well as donations of any kind including cleaning supplies, fans, kiddie pools, potty pads, kennels, bedding and towels and food.

Final Victory Animal Rescue and Rescue Services can be contacted at or 803-420-3282. The rescue facility is located at 2121 Wayne Street in downtown Columbia.

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