Authorities in Fairfield Co. warn of scammers

Authorities in Fairfield Co. warn of scammers

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, SC (WIS) - Officials with the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office are warning residents about scams taking place in the area.

Authorities said they have received multiple reports of thieves who pretend to be part of a driveway paving service. The workers offer to repave driveways only to spray paint some sort of coating over the old driveway.

The sheriff's office is also warning residents about telephone scammers who have resurfaced in the county. The scammer initially identifies themselves as a government employee who informs the victim they have been noncompliant and have a warrant issued for their arrest if they don't make a payment. Payments are usually requested as cash cards that can be bought at local stores.

If you believe you've been approached or contacted by someone attempting either of these scams, contact the Fairfield Co. Sheriff's Office.

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