Police are investigating claims of bricks being thrown at windows of a downtown Columbia apartment complex

Police are investigating claims of bricks being thrown at windows of a downtown Columbia apartment complex

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Several residents of a downtown Columbia apartment complex are calling for increased security measures after two incidents of bricks being hurled through their windows.

According to Columbia Police Department incident report, officers were dispatched to the CanalSide Apartment Complex shortly after midnight last Wednesday to investigate. Upon arriving, they found glass shattered on both inside the apartment and outside the window, located on the first floor.

Cale Workman said he and his friends were having their annual poker night when suddenly, they heard two loud crashes.

"We thought we were being attacked so we all kind of ran and hid, that's how loud it was," he said. "When we came over to the window to see what happened, there was glass everywhere and half of a brick laying on the window sill."

When they walked outside Workman said they found more glass on the ground and another part of the brick.

"We had the lights on and our other windows open, so it was obvious to anyone walking by that people were awake and in the living room," he said. "Luckily no one was hurt, but it could have been worse."

Workman said he's lived in his apartment for the last three years and has always felt safe. However, he said because the complex is not gated, people walking from downtown and a nearby park often cut through the complex.

"I have a feeling it's not someone who lives here, but rather someone passing through like I've seen before," he said. "There's no cameras in this complex so there's no way of knowing who did it."

About five minutes before the brick came crashing through Workman's window, another resident reported someone throwing a brick through their window as well. In that case, the brick was allegedly thrown through the bedroom window, landing on the tenant as he was asleep in his bed.

The apartment complex has boarded up the windows and will replace the glass free of charge, according to Workman. However, he wants to see some sort of deterrent put in place.

Workman said he's also heard of a potential third incident that took place several weeks ago.

"When we had a string of car break-ins before, they said they would have extra police patrols come through, but in this case, I don't think that's enough," he said. "We do have a courtesy officer but you can't expect him to be everywhere at once. With a downtown apartment, you need some sort of safeguard against these kinds of incidents."

CanalSide Apartments has issued the following statement on how it is responding to the incidents:

Canalside Lofts is working closely with Columbia Metropolitan Police regarding the window breaking incidents to increase the number of patrols in our area. In addition, Canalside Lofts recently added a second Courtesy Officer on site. We have also added additional exterior lighting and replaced existing exterior lighting fixtures across the property to accommodate brighter wattage. We will continue working with authorities to turn over any new information related to these incidents.

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