Town hall meeting in the Midlands, both Democratic candidates agree change is needed regarding gun control

Town hall meeting in the Midlands, both Democratic candidates agree change is needed regarding gun control
Updated: Apr. 8, 2018 at 12:08 AM EDT
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COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - A nationwide Town Hall meeting and here in the Midlands, people sat down with lawmakers to discuss gun law reform.

The town hall meeting was held at the Unitarian Universalist Church where not only students but people of all ages came out to keep the message of gun control in the minds of elected officials.

People across the Midlands wrote down questions to be asked by Sean Carrigan and Annabelle Robertson, who are the Democratic nominees for the District 2 seat of South Carolina in the U.S House of Representatives.

Around 100 people attended, and 20 questions were answered.

"It matters to me because I'm a South Carolinian," Noah Barker, a home-schooled student, said. "I'm a United States citizen and I'm going to be voting in June and again in November."

Students in attendance said that with the primaries coming up, this forum is especially important here in the Midlands.

"We want to have people who are very informed about who they want to vote for based on what happens today," Samyu Comandur, a USC student, said.

WIS asked both candidates the question: "What are you going to propose to change if you're elected to fix this nationwide issue about gun control."

Both candidates agree to close Charleston loophole.

"We're going to close the Charleston loophole, close the gun show loophole, we're going to implement at magazine limits down to ten rounds per weapon, we're going to re-implement the assault weapons ban and strengthen it on a permanent basis that was not allowed to continue past 2004," Carrigan said. "When we do that and take military-style weapons off the streets our citizens will do better. We also need to make sure that insurance would be a great idea that we employ for our individual weapons. If we get insurance then people are going to go ahead and put locks on their weapons and they're going to want to go ahead and get gun safes for the weapons. When we do these things we can collectively make the public safer and these are just some of the things that I'm going to introduce when I get up to Washington DC."

Carrigan's full plan touches on thirteen points.

Robertson also answered the question by closing the Charleston loophole, something her platform views as immensely important.

"Absolutely must close the Charleston loophole, that allowed Dylan roof to get a weapon despite his history and his mental health problems," Robertson said. "That is absolutely mandatory. We also need to make universal background checks mandatory and we need to begin to have legislation that makes sense for every American whether we're a gun owner or whether we don't enjoy or like guns we need to have legislation that is going to work for all Americans. I believe that we need to increase the age for purchase to age 21. In America if we can't buy a beer until we're 21 then we shouldn't be able to buy a gun. We also need to make sure that assault weapons are made illegal at this time or restricted we need to re-up the law from 1994 to do that and we need to ban bump stocks, no one needs to do that and high magazine capacity guns and adaptations and we also need to create a criminal justice reform that is going to contextualize these gun laws. "

Representative Joe Wilson was invited to attend tonight's Town Hall meeting but was not available to attend according to organizers of the event.

March for our lives organizers said they requested a public statement and did not receive one.

A printed version of Wilson's thoughts on gun control was provided for those who attended.

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