In an emotional reunion, the 9-year-old SC boy greets the man whose life he saved

In an emotional reunion, the 9-year-old SC boy greets the man whose life he saved
A 9-year-old Sumter boy is being called a hero after coming to the aid of his neighbor in his most dire time of need.

SUMTER COUNTY, SC (WIS) - The 9-year-old Sumter boy who saved the life of a man last weekend is reuniting with him nearly a week after the accident.

WIS first brought you the story of 9-year-old Malachi Coffey on Monday. He came to the rescue of Allen Clemmons, who became trapped under his Mustang convertible while working on the transmission last Saturday.

Clemmons said he called out for help for nearly an hour and a half before summoning up the strength to call out one more time.

"I asked God to send me an angel with my last breathe before I gave up," he said.

After calling out, Malachi came running from a neighboring yard. Clemmons said Malachi used a nearby jack to lift the car off of him enough so that he could breathe. Then, he ran back to his aunt's house to get help.

Clemmons suffered six broken ribs, a fractured collarbone, and pelvis. On Thursday, the two met for the first time since the accident and there was no shortage of tears.

"I was so happy to see him because the first time I didn't see him when he was jacking the car up," Clemmons said. "When I saw him come through those doors I tell you what it was a blessing to meet somebody as small as that that could save my life."

Clemmons said Malachi kept his cool and rather than run away, was able to get the car off of him before getting additional help.

"He didn't hesitate, he didn't wait on nobody, he took that jack and did it on his own," he said.

Clemmons said he's currently undergoing therapy to begin walking again but he expects to make a full recovery.

As for working on another car anytime soon, Clemmons said it isn't likely. If he does, he said he'll be sure to have someone there making sure he's safe.

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