Tanner on Missouri, Sterk matter: ‘To be continued’

Tanner on Missouri, Sterk matter: ‘To be continued’
Ray Tanner, Jim Sterk, and Greg Sankey have collectively met recently. However, the matter of Sterk's public comments about USC and Dawn Staley is still ongoing.

COLUMBIA, SC (TheBigSpur.com) - South Carolina athletics director Ray Tanner, Missouri athletics director Jim Sterk, and SEC commissioner Greg Sankey have collectively met recently. Tanner said as of Friday the matter of Sterk's public comments about USC and women's basketball head coach Dawn Staley has not been resolved.

In open session of Friday's USC Board of Trustees meeting, Tanner was asked if a retraction of Sterk's comments is forthcoming. After a second contentious meeting between the two basketball programs on Jan. 28, Sterk stated South Carolina has an "unhealthy" environment that saw his players spit on and "called the n-word" and accused Staley of "promoting that type of atmosphere."

"At our recent AD meetings the commissioner, Mr. Sterk, and myself had a private meeting to discuss what transpired during the basketball game," Tanner said. "To be continued."

Tanner expounded on his comments with TheBigSpur.com following his time with the BOT.

"I will not disclose any contents of the conversation and I'll just say our commissioner was very concerned about what transpired and he called us together to have a meeting," Tanner said. "We discussed it at length and I'm hoping in the near future there will be some sort of resolution. Let me make one thing perfectly clear. Jim Sterk and I are not at odds. We're colleagues in this league, we work well together, we visit together like in New Orleans at our recent meeting, but my opinion is a public apology would be appropriate and I don't think he is offended by my statement. It is my personal feelings. That was shared before and it was shared again."

The two basketball programs have met twice this season, both highly contested and emotional meetings. The first, a Carolina loss at Mizzou, resulted in an upset Staley about the officiating. The second, a Carolina win on Jan. 28, resulted in a stoppage of play and separation of on-court players.

A few days after the second meeting, Tanner responded to Sterk's comments via a local radio appearance.


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