Democratic congressional debate for District 2 heats up about the VA System

Democratic congressional debate for District 2 heats up about the VA System
Published: Feb. 4, 2018 at 3:19 AM EST|Updated: Feb. 4, 2018 at 9:31 AM EST
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COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The candidates for the Democratic nominee for the District 2 seat of S.C. in the US House of Representatives debated Saturday night at the Palmetto State Progressive Summit.

Annabelle Robertson and Sean Carrigan took the stage answering questions from the audience.

Some of the main topics discussed ranged from education to legalizing marijuana, and the affordable care act.

While Robertson and Carrigan agreed on some of the points, their views took a turn when talking about the VA system.

One of the first questions that started the debate was what should be done to correct the problems with the VA.

"Our VA System is a mess because it does not have funding. Universal health care for all would take care of that but we also need to have programs that address PTSD, disabilities, and all of the other limb loss and very significant issues that these men and women are facing," Robertson, who spoke first, said.

While Robertson is for a wounded warrior program, Carrigan has another opinion.

"Once we go to a Medicare for all system, there will be no need for a wounded warrior foundation. I kind of think it is ridiculous that we have a need for a wounded warrior foundation to begin with. If we're going to deploy them, and we're going to bring them back, we need to be ready to take care of them." Carrigan said.

Robert Squirewell, who attended the debate is in favor of Carrigan because of his background in the military.

"That's definitely good that he's here for the long hall and definitely here to see that we're going to be good for the military future," Squirewell said.

Kara Marris, who has a husband in the VA said she disagrees with Carrigan's views about the VA.

"He said quote, 'the VA is doing great. The VA is wonderful.' And I walked up and told him that the VA is not doing wonderful because my husband was in the VA and they threw him out and he had been in the military for 24 years" Marris said.

Primary Elections will be held on June 12, and the general election will be held November 6.

Whoever wins that Democratic primary will face Republican Incumbent Joe Wilson in the general election.

Wilson has been on record saying the VA system is not providing the level of care they deserve and spearheaded healthcare legislation for healthcare in the past.

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