Haley to GRAMMYS: 'Don’t ruin great music with trash from 'Fire and Fury' book

Haley to GRAMMYS: 'Don’t ruin great music with trash from 'Fire and Fury' book

(WIS) - Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley was not tickled by the reading of excerpts of the controversial book Fire and Fury.

During the 60th GRAMMYS on Sunday, several nominated artists read portions of Michael Wolff's book, in a skit talking about the Best Spoken Word album category.

In the last reading, former Secretary of State and 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton read an excerpt.

Haley responded to the appearance of the woman who was defeated by President Donald Trump.

"I have always loved the Grammys but to have artists read the Fire and Fury book killed it. Don't ruin great music with trash," the tweet read. "Some of us love music without the politics thrown in it."

Haley is referring to the book that alleges that the president is having an affair with someone within his administration. Some have postulated that Haley is that administration member.

Last week on a podcast with Politico, that the rumors are disgusting and untrue. 

Folks on Twitter were quick to respond to Haley's opinion.

But Haley wasn't the only Trump administration insider with an admonishment. Donald Trump, Jr. also tweeted, saying: "Getting to read a #fakenews book excerpt at the Grammys seems like a great consolation prize for losing the presidency. #GrammyAwards."

"The more Hillary goes on television the more the American people realize how awesome it is to have @realDonaldTrump in office #GrammyAwards2018," he said in a second tweet.

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