Ivanka Trump touts tax reform in Greenville visit

Sen. Scott, Ivanka field questions from crowd at private event in Greenville
Updated: Jan. 26, 2018 at 8:09 PM EST
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GREENVILLE, SC (WIS) - First daughter and Advisor to the President, Ivanka Trump, celebrated tax reform in Greenville on Friday.

She visited the Palmetto State to speak to women about the impact of the increased Child Tax Credit under the recent tax reform bill. The senator instrumental in passing the plan, Tim Scott, hosted the private event. 

Members of the audience seemed to want to get a better understanding of how the new tax law benefits parents. It doubles the Child Tax Credit. That jumps from $1,000 to $2,000 per child. Ivanka is credited for making that happen.

"Really, it's an acknowledgment that all families need this extra benefit. Look, when you think about being a business owner, you can write-off the capital expenses you put into your business. Parents don't get that same benefit. We don't get a write-off for investing in our child's education or after school classes," Ivanka Trump said.

Others outside the event aren't so thrilled with the tax reform; some claim the money made up in Child Tax Credit is lost elsewhere. Scott responded to reporters' questions on that.

"The IRS has indicated that nine out of 10 employees will see more of their paychecks. How you mitigate that, I'm not sure. But if you can, I'd say this, that when you do your taxes in April of next year because of the doubling of the standard deduction you will have more resources available," he said. 

But some women in the audience said they also wanted to hear from Ivanka on other issues like immigration, homelessness and helping veterans.

"I hope that they talk about veterans reintegration issues. I know that's not primarily their topic, but it is a very big topic in the nation right now," Jenna Grotler said.

"We need low-income housing here, if she would speak on housing issues for our veterans, for single moms, that's a passion, too," Sophrona Chapman said.

Most questions were soft. They were submitted ahead of the event online and drawn from a bowl on stage. The toughest question asked whether Congress can vote on a budget and keep the government open, come February 8. Senator Scott took that one and said he feels an agreement on DACA will be made before then, so the budget won't be a problem. 

Before Ivanka left Greenville, she said she's working next on paid family leave. She promised to make it a priority to offer incentives for businesses to keep new moms on maternity leave, paid.

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