Rep. Gowdy resigns from committee on ethics, citing workload

Rep. Gowdy resigns from committee on ethics, citing workload

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WYFF) - South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy has resigned from the House Ethics Committee.

He submitted a letter of resignation to House Speaker Paul Ryan on Wednesday.

In the letter, Gowdy said his workload on other committees is challenging.

Here is Gowdy's full letter:

Dear Speaker Ryan:
Thank you for the privilege of serving for the past 5 years on the House Ethics Committee. While few, if any, members seek this assignment, the collegiality of the members coupled with the seriousness of the jurisdiction have made it an experience I will treasure. 
When I became Chairperson of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform I knew I would not be able to keep all other committee assignments to include Judiciary, Intelligence and Ethics. Four committee assignments, including a Chairmanship, is a challenging workload. I was happy to finish out the calendar year and conclude some matters then pending before the Committee.
Accordingly, I tender my resignation from the House Ethics Committee pending your designation of a replacement. Thank you again for this opportunity and thank you to my colleagues on the Committee for their hard work and friendship.

Trey Gowdy,
Member of Congress.

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