Rural roads in Clarendon County still covered in ice patches

Rural roads in Clarendon County still covered in ice patches

MANNING, SC (WIS) - Several rural roads in Clarendon County remain covered in patches of ice Friday night.

Lane Jones is a tow truck driver for Bob's Body Shop in Manning.

"I've grown up here, lived in Manning my entire life. I've never seen snow like this," Jones said.

Jones says this is already a busy time of the year, but with snow and ice on the roads, it's been even busier.

"Some of our local drivers, they're not used to any snow or anything of this magnitude," Jones said. "We see a lot of drivers in the ditch. Most of them just kind of slid off the road, just needed a slight winch to the road and they could get on their way."

Department of Transportation crews are steadily salting the roads, but that doesn't always solve the problem.

"Snow is one thing, but when you get ice up under it, there's really not a whole lot you can do to it," Jones said. "You can treat the road, you can scrape the road but as soon as it cools back off it's just going to freeze again and I feel like DOT did the best they could with what they had to work with."

Officials say cold temperatures and heavily shaded streets – not getting much sunlight – are the main challenges in getting roads cleared.

Until that happens, Jones says your best bet is to take it slow.

"All of a sudden it starts snowing and it starts freezing, and a lot of people panic and one thing you don't do on top of the ice is slam on your brakes because your wheels just lock up," Jones said.

All Clarendon County schools were closed today because of the road conditions. They're expected to reopen Monday morning.

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