After snow wows Orangeburg County, black ice starts causing problems

After snow wows Orangeburg County, black ice starts causing problems
Updated: Jan. 4, 2018 at 12:23 AM EST
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ORANGEBURG COUNTY, SC (WIS) - It didn't take long. Around 2 o'clock Wednesday afternoon, the sky turned hazy over Lake Marion at Santee State Park, and within minutes, the lakeside vacation spot turned into a winter wonderland.

"This is usually – you'll see four or five houseboats, the parking lot will be filled, there'll be a bunch of campers around, it'll be in the 80s and 90 degrees, and everybody will be loving it. There's no other way you can put it," said Bill Shriner, who lives in Santee.

For Shriner, Wednesday's snow was quite a sight.

"We didn't have any rain. It just started to snow," he said.

Three to four inches blanketed most spots in Eastern Orangeburg County. Some spots saw five inches or more, including spots of Santee State Park. It was, perhaps, an unusual sight in a park where signs warn of alligators.

Hours later, the snow stopped falling, and a beautiful sunset created a vivid scene of colors.

"I wish it would just stay snow, but that ain't gonna happen," said Orangeburg County Fire Service Director Teddy Wolfe.

For now, the worry is ice, since some of the snow has melted and refrozen as slick ice.

"Our biggest fear today is our people do not know how to drive in inclement weather, specifically ice," Wolfe said. "That worries me more than anything. Snow is not a problem. It's the accumulation of ice that is coming that's going to be our biggest problem."

With wrecks piling up across the county, Wolfe hopes it'll all be over soon. The South Carolina Department of Transportation is working with the county to clear and treat key roads, but WIS is told road conditions in the affected areas still aren't good.

The City of Orangeburg has opened a shelter at the city gym. Anyone in need of a warm place to spend the night can go there.

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