Attention, Rosewood residents: CPD is addressing your traffic concerns

Attention, Rosewood residents: CPD is addressing your traffic concerns

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - A Columbia community is voicing its concerns to Columbia Police, and the department is responding.

Residents in Columbia's Rosewood neighborhood say drivers are speeding through heavily traveled streets like S. Holly Street and S. Bonham Rd., largely ignoring the 30 miles per hour speed limit.

Attention, Rosewood residents: CPD is addressing your traffic concerns

We first reported these claims on Monday. Columbia Police are now conducting their own assessment of the area – trying to see if It's becoming a magnet for traffic issues.

"Nine to 10 over is what I'm looking for out here," CPD Sgt. Robert Uhall said.

WIS spent time one morning riding around with Sgt. Uhall as he pulled over traffic violators. The line we heard many times from Sgt. Uhall as he approached vehicles he had just stopped: "Reason I asked you to pull over today is I measured your speed as 40 in a 30."

Sgt. Uhall was one of several officers patrolling in the Rosewood area this week. With Sgt. Uhall, most drivers were stopped for going 10 mph over the speed limit.

A few streets away, another officer pulled over a driver going 25 over with a suspended license. There are a variety of different infractions and these were just the overview.

"We've had traffic calming issues for years and years out here," Rosewood Community Council President Mike Miller said. "We have a complex problem in Rosewood because most of our streets aren't city streets, they're state roads."

S. Holly Street, for example, is considered a "major connector" street and a "farm to market road." That limits the type of traffic-controlling measures that residents can put in place.

The council wants to get the street reclassified to a "minor connector" road, so they can get new traffic studies done and reassess what changes need to be made.

In the meantime, you'll likely see stepped-up police presence in this area of Columbia.

"We have a lot of community concern with traffic safety in the area, speed and stop signs and things of that nature," Sgt. Uhall said. "So we're going to be out here in greater force than we have been the past few months.

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