Graphic video shows SC prison attack shot on contraband cell phone

Video shows SC prison attack shot on contraband cell phone
Published: Nov. 14, 2017 at 12:34 AM EST|Updated: Nov. 14, 2017 at 8:49 AM EST
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TURBEVILLE, SC (WIS) - A spokesperson with the South Carolina Department of Corrections has confirmed that a video that's circulating on social media is from inside one of the state's correctional facilities.

The undated video was shot at Turbeville Correctional Institution and shows two men attacking another inmate. While the attack is happening, the person shooting the video briefly narrates the incident.

A statement from SCDC Communications Director Jeffrey Taillon says, "that video was filmed by an inmate on an illegal contraband cell phone at Turbeville Correctional Institution. This incident remains under investigation."

In the video, one of the men appears to be stabbing the inmate in the back, while the other is throwing punches. The inmate who was attacked fell from the second story balcony to the common area below in an attempt to escape.

Cell phones have been a steady problem for SCDC in recent months, and have captured more than one incident of inmates inside the prison walls.

One video that surfaced on Facebook earlier this year showed an inmate joking with others and flashing a knife.

While some believe that contraband like cell phones is the biggest issue in South Carolina prisons, others believe it is the lack of staffing.

Former South Carolina Department of Corrections psychologist Fordyce Mason told WIS in June that low pay for employees to the many job vacancies at the agency. The department reports there are currently 915 security positions open out of 3,893 security positions across the state.

"These officers are being exposed to some of the most difficult and dangerous and manipulative people in South Carolina. We have employees who do critical things for South Carolina. They need to be honored and respected with proper pay," Mason said in June.

And for recruitment, SCDC confirmed last week that they will begin recruiting qualified employees from Puerto Rico.

"The Puerto Rico unemployment rate on Sept.15, 2017, was 10.1 percent. This is the second highest unemployment rate in the United States," Taillon said in an email on Nov. 8. "With the devastation sustained in the recent months due to Hurricane Maria, the agency decided to do our part to help by actively recruiting and investing in this area."


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