Music festival in Orangeburg County canceled due to financial losses

Music festival in Orangeburg County canceled due to financial losses

BOWMAN, SC (WIS) - Hundreds of people from across the country made their way to Orangeburg County this weekend for the Agrisonic Festival at Yonder Field only to find out that it was canceled last minute because of financial losses.

Now those fans find themselves making other plans and searching for refunds.

"It's kind of unfortunate that it was that last minute," Chapin Schnick said.

Schnick says she spent $120 for a VIP ticket to the concert. She drove 10 hours from Indianapolis and had been camping for days anticipating the big concert. Now she's on the interstate heading back home after it was canceled.

"Dispatch had retweeted that it was canceled because they didn't even send out an email explanation until [Saturday] morning. I was really glad I learned the information before I went there," Schnick said.

The owners of the property said they had to pull the plug but hope it's only temporary. The goal behind Yonder Field was to attract big names and become a venue that concertgoers flock to and the past two weekends they did just that. However, it was not quite as many as they had hoped.

"Unfortunately, the festival we had last weekend took substantial losses due to low attendance," Stacie White, the president and general manager said in a statement.

The statement went on to say that low attendance impacted their ability to host the Agrisonic Festival on Saturday, forcing them to cancel.

Officials now say they will not give up and will focus on concerts for 2018.

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