'Drums on Under Pressure?' Foo Fighters fan at CLA pulled up on stage, slays rock hit

'Drums on Under Pressure?' Foo Fighters fan at CLA pulled up on stage, slays rock hit

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - A star is born.

Imagine receiving the opportunity to play drums for one of your favorite bands -- even getting up on stage in front of a capacity crowd at Colonial Life Arena.

That's what happened with one lucky guy who proved his point not only to the band but may have made a few fans in the audience as well.

Pierce Edge, a 19-year-old North Myrtle Beach resident and University of South Carolina student, was attending the Foo Fighters concert at Colonial Life Arena on Tuesday night with a sign that read, "Drums on Under Pressure?" Under Pressure is a 1982 classic rock song performed by Queen and David Bowie.

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl spotted the sign and plucked Edge from the audience as the band was winding down their show.

"I should have made my own sign that said, 'I don't know. [Expletive] can you, Pierce?'" Grohl responded.

After a slight back and forth between Grohl and Pierce, Grohl gave him a chance to impress the band and the crowd -- along with some chiding from the frontman.

"Don't [expletive] the bed in front of your own hometown, brother," Grohl said.

The band's support behind him, Pierce immediately ripped into a solo, wowing the crowd and the band. Then, he started the riff into Under Pressure. According to Edge, he just ripped into the song without thinking because he was so focused.

"Alright! He's going into it! Look at the [expletive] balls on this kid," Grohl said as Pierce drummed away.

"It was as impromptu as it could be," Edge said.

Edge said he was inspired by an equally enterprising fan who volunteered to play the song on the drums at a previous show that was posted on YouTube.

To say this kid nailed the set would be the understatement of the century. Just watch, courtesy our friends at WXRY FM in Columbia, who live-streamed the event.


Still, Edge is now in the process of, well, processing what happened to him Tuesday night. Answering emails, text messages, Facebook messages, and phone calls from friends who saw what happened.

"I am just still at a loss for words," Edge said. "The memory has become a blur because I haven't been able to process things."

Enjoy the fame, kid. Don't forget about us when you're on top.

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