RCSD: Accused killer had previously threatened victim

RCSD: Accused killer had previously threatened victim

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The woman whose body was found Tuesday in the burned wreckage of her home on Crestmore Drive told investigators almost a month ago her boyfriend held her at gunpoint.

A sheriff's department incident report says on that day, Peele told an officer Gleaton had accused her of lying to him and kept following her around the house before pulling out a handgun and ordering her to "stop messing with him."

Peele told the deputy she could not describe the handgun but saw the top of it and knew it was a gun by the way it felt. Gleaton was not arrested or charged at that time.

The deputy says he helped Peele gather belongings from her house and take one of her two children to Sistercare, a shelter and counseling service for domestic violence victims. After that, the sheriff's department did not have contact with Peele until October 3rd, when she decided to press a charge of aggravated assault.

A week later she was dead, the house gutted by fire. A spokesman says the sheriff's department was still drawing up paperwork on the assault charge at the time of the killing.

Gleaton now faces murder and first-degree arson charges. He told a judge at the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center he has no job, car, or money and did not pay rent. Gleaton listed his residence as 109 Crestmore Drive.

The serious nature of the charges requires an appearance before a circuit judge.

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